This 6 Steps to a Generous Life will be powerful help for a local church. Materials are provided to give a complete congregational emphasis and an opportunity to really help a local church become immersed in an understanding of the six principals necessary to grow a generous life. This material will make a significant positive difference for any local church.

Bob Pierson

Executive Director Leadership Nexus
Author of

Tell: How to Share Your Faith With Others and

Needs-Based Evangelism:

Becoming a Good Samaritan Church

“It is time for us to speak of discipleship as a life changing process rather than stewardship as a church funding process.  Bob Crossman offers help - clear, concise, and fully engaging for all in the congregation.  We need more of this.”

Gil Rendle

Senior Consultant, The Texas Methodist foundation

Author of Journey in the Wilderness and Back to Zero (Abingdon Press)

"Bob Crossman is a powerhouse of a leader who has a great grasp on what it takes to grow as a Christian and a leader.  People look to this man as a catalyst for Jesus, and as you read the pages of this amazing book, I'm sure that you will as well!"

Rick Bezet, Senior Pastor 

New Life Church of Arkansas

“In a world filled with busy schedules and lifestyles, Six Steps to a Generous Life breaks through the maze, with spiritual and life enrichment exercises that are easy to absorb for all who seek abundant living.” 

Olu Brown, Senior Pastor

Impact Church of Atlanta

Author of Zero to 80:  

Innovative Ideas for Planting  and Accelerating Church Growth

“Generous churches always address stewardship as part of a Christian’s total faith development.    Committed to Christ: Six Steps to a Generous Life models this approach by presenting financial commitment along with five other key aspects of discipleship in a well-organized plan.”

Lovett H. Weems, Jr.,

Distinguished professor of church leadership and director, Lewis Center for Church Leadership. Wesley Theological Seminary

Author (with Tom Berlin) of Bearing Fruit:  Ministry with Real Results, and author of Church Leadership, and Take the Next Step:  Leading Lasting Change in the Church.

"Stewardship is primarily a spiritual issue, and Bob Crossman proposes a plan to holistically approach generosity from a biblical perspective. Many pastors struggle teaching on the topic of giving because they fear being perceived as self-serving. But Bob insightfully places giving in its rightful context, alongside the other spiritual disciplines of the Christian life. Committed to Christ challenges church members to increase their commitment level in all of the spiritual disciplines."

Ed Stetzer is an author, speaker, researcher, pastor, church planter, and Christian missiologist. Stetzer is a contributor to the North American discussion on missional church and church planting.

Author of: Planting New Churches in a Postmodern Age; Planting Missional Churches; Comeback Churches; and Viral Churches: Helping Church Planters Become Movement Makers.

Cliff Christopher  •  Rick Bezet  •  Ed Stetzer  •  Olu Brown
Gil Rendle •  Lovett Weems  •  Bob Pierson  •  James W. Moore

"I have worked with Bob Crossman for over twenty years.  He was an extremely effective pastor and led his churches in exemplary financial stewardship and high expectations.  He has been part of Horizons Stewardship since 1998, serving as a coach and ministry strategist for hundreds of churches.  It was a pleasure for me to work with him in developing Committed to Christ.  I hope it will be a blessing to you and your congregation."

J. Clif Christopher, President 

Horizons Stewardship

Author of:  The Church Money Manual;  Rich Church, Poor Church, Whose Offering Plate Is it?; and Not our Parents’ Offering Plate

Are we trying to raise the annual budget... or trying to grow disciples?  Committed to Christ shows us dramatically, practically, and spiritually that if we grow disciples, everything else falls into place.

James W. Moore

Pastor in Residence

Highland Park United Methodist Church, Dallas, Texas
Author of more than 40 books, including:

Do Your Best and Trust God for the Rest

Finding Bethlehem in the Midst of Bedlam

Have You Ever Seen a Hearse Pulling a Trailer?

Jesus’ Parables of Grace

When the World Takes the Wind out of Your Sails

Yes Lord, I have Sinned, But I have Several Excellent Excuses

God Was Here, and I was Out to Lunch

Rich in the Things That Count the Most